Programs & Services

​​Swimming Lessons Gr 2 & 4  (Not at this time)

​ ​​Grade 5 Learn to Ski

Grade 5 lessons are excellent opportunities for lifelong learning, activity, fun, and socializing. If any family or community member would like to sponsor a child to help those who cannot afford the fee, please donate at the office. No child will be left out from this valuable opportunity.

​Healthy Lunch & Milk Program ​ ​

​ ​$25 for 10 Punch Healthy Lunch Card, etransfer to  ​Milk Program $20 for 20 Punch Card, etransfer to

Fitness Club ​ ​(Not at this time)

Other Clubs  (Not at this time)

Intramurals  (Not at this time)

​​School Teams  (Not at this time)